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Escrito por Silvio Fernández   
Viernes, 31 de Marzo de 2017 09:05

The Network of Intellectuals, Artists and Social Movements in Defence of Humanity condemns the reuse of the OAS as an interventionist agent and requests the removal of its General Secretary, Luis Almagro

“In order to establish a United States strategy, it shall be assumed that we maintain our predefined role as the impartial leader of the OAS. This means limiting the visibility of the USA within the OAS, playing a role behind the scenes in whichever way possible. Encouraging Latin-Americans to take the initiative and, where possible, making suggestions and adopting our own initiatives, according to all of our important problems”.

From a confidential report drawn up by the Inter-Agency Working Group on Chile, formed at the behest of Richard Nixon in order to propose sanctions measures and other pressures directed towards the overthrow of President Allende. It is a fact widely recognised by all and proven to be right by history: since the inception of the US as an independent nation, it has been committed to exercising a complete dominion over the rest of the American territory; a control which it considers a prerequisite to the protection of its own interests. It hasn’t always achieved its aim, however. Since the times in which we first squared up to the first Spanish invaders; or to the first abuser of indigenous women, the first plunderer of our riches, the first slave-owner, the first priest who tried to submit our consciences, the first decrees of some faraway, unknown king and, much later, the successive oligarchic groups who ruled over us after the death of Bolivar, a rebel spirit ingrained in the soul of the people of these lands has managed to prevail from time to time, triumphing over the forces which try to subjugate us, with the will and dignity of our people. Nevertheless, whenever the oligarchies have managed to impose themselves on us, the United States has always acted as the puppet master. None of these groups of power have functioned without the will or support of the US - be it through military, political and/or economic interventions.

It is for these interventions which convenient legal smokescreens and organisations have been created, from the Pan-American Union to the OAS; all vociferously combating and attempting to defeat any attempts to structure our world according to the hopes of our people. Today the Bolivarian Revolution is the object of another attempt to overthrow a legitimate government; one which has been guiding our country towards the fulfilment of sovereignty and justice over the last 18 years, supported by many electoral triumphs. This new attempt represents another step towards the reinstatement of US control over the continent, which the US requires in order to maintain its global supremacy. On this occasion, it has made use of its ‘ministry of colonies’, or the OAS, much in the way it was used against revolutionary Cuba.

This is being carried out by the most brazen of servants possible: the Uruguayan Luis Almagro, who has been proven to have been serving the US since his tenure as foreign minister of his native country. This plan adopted by Almagro had already been unveiled months before by the Southern Command Plan known as “Freedom 2”, which constitutes an escalation of the Executive Order issued by Obama. In the current circumstances, in which the empire of the North has lost its control over the world order, Washington is not concerned about sacrificing its veil of anonymity in exchange for increased urgency in its ability to carry out its plans. It urgently needs to extinguish the so-called “bad examples” set by some countries, which show that there is an alternative to its plan for total control, and is prepared to plunge the depths of its mafia-like methods, by threatening to cut the financial aid of those countries at the heart of the OAS which come to the defence of Venezuela. Regrettably however, this task is being abetted by a group of Venezuelans who have routinely betrayed our history of resistance and our heroic struggle for liberty; people who travel the world selling their own country and soul to whichever force is brave enough to give orders to intervene in the country, without considering their historic responsibility in destroying their own country in exchange for the few crumbs left behind by financial and military conglomerates at the service of the empire.

Like Miranda, we are convinced that no solid structures shall be built in our country without first achieving full independence, and for these ends it is today more urgent than ever to consolidate the unity of our peoples. Until what point will we continue supporting the imperial apparatus of the OAS, when we have our own organisations to draw upon, such as CELAC, UNASUR and ALBA? Until what point will we continue to allow traitors such as Almagro (in the same vein as his namesake, the conquistador Diego de Almagro) to appoint themselves to posts from which they can subjugate free peoples and put them at the service of the new emperors? We consider ourselves to be entirely justified in asking for the immediate removal of Mr Luis Almagro from his post as Secretary General of the OAS, and ask that this organisation’s role be reduced to one of mediation between North and South America. In absence of this, the various governments of Our America should consider the shelf-life of this institution to be expired. It is time to respect the dignity of the peoples and keep our heads held high. It is time to not repeat the mistakes which allowed the achievements of our peoples to be dragged through the mud, by means of slanders by the media and other smear campaigns. It is time for unity, for struggle, for battle and for the definitive victory over the sinister designs of imperialism.

Caracas, 28 March 2017

Última actualización el Viernes, 31 de Marzo de 2017 09:52

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Comunicado de solidaridad


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